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Professional Support for Gpg4kde

The support available through various mailing lists, web forums and problem tracker is usually provided by volunteers and part of the respective community (GnuPG, KDE). Due to the huge number of users, there is a good chance to receive helpful answers. Naturally, timely and exhaustive answers can not be guaranteed.

In case timely answers, quick software modification or general consultancy for using Gpg4kde (installation, configuration etc.) is needed, the companies Intevation GmbH and g10code GmbH jointly offer respective support. With each customer we have a individual support agreement optimzed for their needs, so you will not find a price table for the Gpg4KDE support.

Please contact if you plan to buy professional support from Intevation and g10code. With your inquiry please describe your needs (e.g. which of the Gpg4kde applications to be supported, which crypto-workflows you have or want to establish), the number of users, your IT infratructure (e.g. which Windows versions, terminal servers, virtual servers), which tasks you want to do on your own and finally what you expect from us.

We will come to you with a estimation of costs and/or questions to clarify some aspects for better understanding.

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